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You can stay healthy and enjoy a thriving life with diabetes, but only when you keep your blood sugar well managed. Uncontrolled blood sugar leads to serious health problems, from nonhealing ulcers and weight gain to chronic heart and kidney disease. At BMI- Bariatric & Metabolic Institute, Vishnu Subramani, MD, specializes in weight-related medical problems like diabetes. To receive a complete evaluation and ongoing care for diabetes, call one of the offices in Cape Girardeau or Sikeston, Missouri, or schedule an appointment using the online booking system today.

Diabetes Q & A

What causes diabetes?

Diabetes develops when your body has trouble producing or using insulin. Your pancreas normally produces insulin, a hormone that helps maintain normal blood sugar levels. Insulin lowers blood sugar by escorting glucose into cells that use it for energy.

The two primary types of diabetes are:

Type 1 diabetes

Type 1 diabetes develops when an autoimmune disorder damages the pancreas, stopping it from producing insulin. Though this type most often appears in children and teens, it can occur at any age.

Type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes develops in stages, beginning with insulin resistance. Insulin resistance occurs when your cells don’t respond to insulin. As a result, blood sugar levels stay high and your pancreas keeps releasing more insulin.

Insulin resistance leads to prediabetes, a stage when your blood sugar is higher than normal but not high enough to be diagnosed as Type 2 diabetes. Treatment at this stage can prevent Type 2 diabetes. Without treatment, however, it progresses to full-blown Type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes typically takes years to develop and is diagnosed in adults. But it’s increasingly found in children and teens who are overweight or obese.

How is diabetes associated with body weight?

Diabetes has a two-way relationship with your weight. Being overweight or obese significantly increases your risk of developing insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes. High levels of insulin also cause weight gain. Insulin sends excess blood sugar to be stored as fat. Losing weight gets harder too, as insulin stops your body from burning fat for energy.

What symptoms and complications develop from diabetes?

Symptoms develop quickly in people with Type 1 diabetes. By comparison, you can miss the symptoms in Type 2 diabetes because they develop slowly.

With both types, you may experience:

  • Frequent urination
  • Increased thirst
  • Excessive hunger
  • Dry, itchy skin
  • Vision changes
  • Tingling in your feet
  • Nonhealing foot ulcers

High levels of blood sugar damage blood vessels and nerves. This damage leads to foot ulcers and chronic health conditions such cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, and diabetic retinopathy.

How do metabolic specialists treat diabetes?

Dr. Subramani specializes in diagnosing and treating diabetes, beginning with advanced hormone testing. Your testing provides detailed information about insulin and other hormones that affect your blood sugar and weight, such as glucagon, cortisol, and growth hormone.

Your treatment plan takes a holistic approach, including:

  • Diabetes education
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Creating diet plans
  • Monitoring and counting carbohydrates
  • Developing exercise regimens
  • Medications to lower blood sugar
  • Weight loss management
  • Medical weight loss

To get exceptional care for diabetes, call BMI- Bariatric & Metabolic Institute or book an appointment online today.