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If you're struggling with being seriously overweight and seeking an effective obesity treatment, Vishnu Subramani, MD, at BMI- Bariatric & Metabolic Institute can help. At locations in Cape Girardeau and Sikeston, Missouri, Dr. Subramani uses the results of comprehensive research to bring patients state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment programs for obesity and weight management. Find out how obesity treatment could help with your weight problem by calling the office nearest you, or book an appointment online today.

Obesity Treatment Q & A

What is obesity treatment?

Obesity treatment aims to reduce the body weight of people whose size is putting their health at serious risk.

Obesity rates continue to increase across the United States, in people of all ages — even young children. Being obese causes serious and often preventable conditions, including:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Some forms of cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Gallstones
  • Stroke
  • Sleep apnea

Obesity can also make existing health problems worse, like arthritis, and have a significant impact on your ability to take part in numerous activities. Many patients who are obese suffer from mood disorders like depression and anxiety.

Obesity treatment is a way of helping people who are struggling with being severely overweight find a solution that works for them without facing the prospect of bariatric (weight loss) surgery.

When might I need obesity treatment?

Obesity treatment might be necessary if your BMI reaches 30 or higher. BMI, or body mass index, is a widely used measure of how healthy your weight is. The calculation uses your height and current weight to classify you on a scale where a BMI of between 18.5 and 25 represents a healthy weight.

A BMI of 25-30 is overweight, and over 30 is obese. BMI further divides into three classes of obesity, with a BMI of 40 or above posing significant risks to your health.

If your BMI puts you in the obese category, Dr. Subramani offers expert advice and support with personalized obesity treatment.

What might my obesity treatment involve?

The method Dr. Subramani uses to treat your obesity varies among patients depending on the results of hormonal and metabolic tests.

These tests help to determine if there are underlying causes for your obesity, such as a hormone imbalance. Dr. Subramani can also run various other tests that could provide insight into your struggle with weight, such as genetic testing and food addiction assessment.

Once your test results are back, Dr. Subramani can provide appropriate treatment such as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) to address issues that are affecting your weight. He can also prepare a personalized diet plan for you based on your unique needs.

Find out more about obesity treatment and how to regain your health by calling BMI- Bariatric & Metabolic Institute today, or book an appointment online.