My Weight Loss Journey – Real Patient Testimonial

Testimonial from Bobbie Rice, a happy patient of Dr. Vishnu Subramani

Want to lose unwanted stubborn fat? I lost 60 pounds safely in 10 months.

Real Patient Testimonial

My highest weight was about 309 pounds. I am morbidly obese. It is awful! I was restricted in what I could participate in. Therefore, I felt I was a prisoner in my own body. My health was declining fast with a life-threatening diagnosis. I was looking into weight loss surgery. Until I saw what my daughter went through. I made a deal with myself. If I had lost 50 pounds by the
time of my first appointment, I would hold off. Well, guess what? I was determined! Therefore, in January I made an appointment with Dr. Subramani at the BMI INSTITUTE. Such an amazing doctor! He is super sweet, he listens to every issue I have.

There were certain foods he wanted me to eat but I was so nervous he would take away all my good foods being left with rabbit food. But that was not the case. We brainstorm and come up with solutions together and meet halfway without depriving myself of foods I love. I mean let’s face it, everybody loves their favorite foods.

It was the best decision I made! He is helping me by changing my life around. I have tried so many attempts over the course of 30 years of losing weight. It turned out only to be on a yo-yo diet.

Losing weight is not easy. If it were that simple, everyone would be happy and at a healthy weight with ease. I am super proud of myself! I have made it this far without diet meds. Strictly nutrition follow-up with a doctor and exercise. However, there were a lot of mental challenges and pep talks with myself. I did not deprive myself of the foods I loved. I just ate less of it and programmed it in my diet app. ( super amazing app) I could not have done it without the support of Dr. Vishnu Subramani and my family.

There is still a long way to go but I have to say, I am loving these results. So if you’re looking to lose weight safely. Dr Subramani is your guy!

Real Patient Testimonial

– Bobbie Rice, happy patient of Dr. Vishnu Subramani


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