Commonly Asked Questions or Statements Said By Our Patients

  1. I have been doing intermittent fasting and it does not work.    Comment:  Well, most of if not all of us are fasting some part of the day mainly at night.  This is not a new concept.   The idea behind this is another calorie-restrict process and keep night time insulin levels as low as possible.  When down PROPERLY, it may work.  You have to work your way into the fast.
  2. I have not gotten enough water in for the day.   Comment:  I think people are overly consumed with water intake.   There are no great studies proving that drinking excess water will make you lose weight.   For one, you will end up in the bathroom more.  Two,  you can cause water toxicity and your sodium levels to drop.  Three, it does not cause satiety.   Plus, we generally consume beverages through the day that have intrinsic water anyway.  Water is not necessarily a healthier alternative.  I prefer 100 percent juices or  smoothies to sodas and artificially sweetened beverages
  3. My weight fluctuates a lot.   Comment:  Yes, you will fluctuate daily in weight.   You will always weigh more in the morning and weight heavier as the day goes.  If you sweat during the day you may lose water weight.  Generally speaking you should lose about 1-1.5lbs per week on a calorie deficit diet
  4. What’s the best diet?   Comment:  I hate the word “diet”.   I think that we need to focus on foods and pleasurable foods (dopamine releasing foods).   A “diet” or “eating plan”  needs to incorporate both types of foods.
  5. I just cannot lose weight.  I have tried everything.   Comment:  I have heard this time and time but when we sit down and discuss everything, I can generally find different reasons as to why what they are doing is making it difficult to lose weight.  There are very rare occasions that people truly have a medical condition that makes it difficult to lose weight
  6.  I walk every day or I am walking more.   Comment:   I hear this all the time.  Walking is generally a form of exercise it is not the only type of exercise.   It is not the best type of exercise for your long-term health.  Don’t get me wrong.  Walking can help with mental clarity as well
  7. I skip eating because I am “just not hungry”.  Comment: Never skip your meals.  In fact, eating more regularly is better for the stimulation of your resting energy expenditure.  Also, when you skip meals you get hungrier and then eat much more in one setting and over time you gain weight.


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