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Works great if you do what he says Super nice I just have problems with keeping a journal But I’ve lost 42 pound this past year


Dr. Subramani explained the process of loosing the weight and keeping it off which sounded like something I could do/easy.


Confusing but if he can teach and help me


Very friendly and professional. He and his staff treat you like a real person with real issues and support you in every way.

Melissa R.

Knowledgeable, friendly, professional. I have used his method and advise for over 2 years with great results. Recommend Dr Subramani for anyone looking to improve your health.


Wonderful he explained everything to me

Cherlene M.

I have lost a great deal of weight that I have struggled with for a very long time. Thank you Dr.


The best place to go to in Cape and Southeast Missouri for weight loss. I am down 10 lbs and am still working on it. Dr. Subramani and Shawn Taylor are going to be there with me through all of it. BMI is customizable and also offers many tests to help you with your weight loss. I did the resting metabolic rate or RMR test to help me know more about my body's caloric intake and out take. I was given meal templates which all sound and taste really good. I live with my mom and grandma and since grandma does the grocery shopping she picks up everything at the store that I need - most things are affordable such as asparagus, green beans, chicken breast, cheese, and mixed nuts. My father does the program as well through Medicare, he's lost a good amount of weight as well - he can't afford most things, but the tips given in my template packet explain to you how you should eat and my Dad tries to follow that with what he can do. It helps him. I should mention my Dad doesn't like to eat very much and only since seeing Dr. Subramani, has begun to eat more. Most doctors say eat less, but if you eat the right foods you should be eating 5 little meals a day. As long as you fill out your food logs with what you should be eating and eat that and do your exercise and are seeing progress, you are doing as you should. Its an awesome program and I want everyone i know that is having issues with weight loss to meet Dr. Vishnu Subramani and Shawn Taylor. They are there to help you. Engage, Transform, Maintain! - left a year ago on Google

Chris D. S.

left 3 months ago on Google

Enola W.

Would highly recommend! Very caring and compassionate team! - left a year ago on Google

Michelle P.


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